Busy Summer of Rides!

It’s been quite a summer. I haven’t updated much because I’ve been working a lot and when I’ve not been working, I’ve been riding a lot.

I’ve ridden a lot at Fort Harrison State Park.

Fort Harrison State Park

I’ve ridden at Town Run Trail a few times.

Town Run Trail

Town Run Trail

I’ve done a couple of bigger rides at Brown County State Park.

Brown County State Park Heistation Point

I rode at Versailles State Park.

Versailles State Park

And I rode at Southwestway Park.

Soutwestway Park

I got a new Rogue Hoe F70HR for trailwork and I’ve been using it quite a bit at Fort Harrison.

Rogue Hoe F70HR

I love this tool.

The wife and I also bought a Subaru XV Crosstrek. We put our Thule rack on the roof (from the old Jeep Liberty) for the canoe. We also bought a Torklift ECO hitch for it, and added a Kuat NV hitch rack. It’s a pretty awesome car for all of that.

Subaru XV Crosstrek

I’ve also been very busy working with the folks over at MTBProject getting a bunch of trails loaded onto the site. I’ve primarily been working on trails in Indiana (I got the data for all the trails above on there so far) but I also have so far added a bunch of trails in Nacogdoches (including the SFA Rec Trails).

I have more trails on my list this year. my goal is to get all of the trails in the Indy Metro area finished fairly soon and then focus more on the area around Brown County. There are a LOT more trails there that aren’t being ridden as much since the state park trails opened up. On my last ride at BCSP, I encountered a group of 3 Chicago riders that didn’t even know about the other trails in the area. I might add a couple more out of state, too. Depends how many trips I can make.

I have also registered for the Brown County Breakdown in September, going to enjoy one of the best bike fests in the country according to Outside Magazine.

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