2013 Year in Review

I have to say, 2013 was the best year of riding I’ve had in a long time. It came at the expense of hiking and canoeing, though. According to my Strava logs, I rode for almost 70 hours and logged around 360 miles of riding (combined between my commuter and mtb). There were a handful of rides I did not log, so in total, I probably reached 400mi or close to it. My goal was to get to 500mi on the mtb by itself, so I did come up a bit short.

I’d say if I want to hit that goal for this year, I’m going to have to step it up some. Last year, I didn’t get many rides in for the first 3 months of the year. It’s tough, because on the mtb, I’m at the whims of the freeze/thaw cycle as well as my tolerance for cold. I’m going to have to get more riding done in cold parts of the year. My riding picked up some in the spring, but not as much as I’d like.

To be fair, I was training for my first half marathon, and immediately post-run I was dealing with some knee issues that kept my riding down. I did not log very many of those runs, and I can’t remember exactly why. It could have been that I couldn’t find my Forerunner for awhile because I do remember doing a lot of runs without it. At any rate, I’m not training for any running races this year, so my spring riding should improve.

My riding also dropped off this fall after the Brown County Breakdown. It’s a great event, but weather kept me from hitting the 50mi goal I had for the big ride day. I also moved to a new place right around that time, and getting situated was a major contributor to reduced ride time.

On the positive side, I really got to explore a lot of trails that were new to me for 2014.

The trails at Brown County State Park were entirely new to me this year. As were the trails at Versailles State Park, Southwestway Park, and Westwood Park.

I participated in the 2013 Hoosier Outdoor Experience for the first time, leading kids and other beginners on mtb rides around the trails at Fort Harrison State Park (which I rode for the first time in 2012).

My wife got stoked about riding again, since we have better quality trails available to us now. She wanted a new bike for her birthday, so in the fall she got this (which she enjoys riding even more):

I got a new bike, too. I replaced my On-One Pompetamine with a Salsa Vaya. I also went from singlespeed to a 1×10 drivetrain, which gives me a little more versatility. I want to ride this thing to Brown County one weekend in 2014 to go camping, and then ride back home. That ride should shoot my annual total WAY up.

Here’s hoping 2014 turns out even better.

Goals for the next year:

Actually get 500+ total mtb miles.
Do at least one 50+mi mtb ride by midsummer. And again for the Breakdown.
Get more commute miles.
Take the commute/touring bike for a weekend camping ride.

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