French Lick Resort

Yesterday the wife and I traveled to French Lick, IN to try out the mountain bike trails on the resort.

The verdict: Win.


It was a relatively short ride because both of us have been working hard this summer, and not riding nearly enough. These trails are climby, and they kicked our butts. On the plus side, we finished our ride with a 2+mi downhill which was well worth all the climbing earlier.


You know what else characterizes these trails? Rocks. And tech.


But there’s also plenty of beautiful woodland trail and some non-technical areas where you can take a bit of a breather.


I had some wildlife sightings. Didn’t get any pics of the many deer, but this box turtle wanted to play chicken with me on the trail. It won.



The trail passes along several really cool rock ledges.


One of them houses a waterfall. Word to the wise, the rocks used to armor the trail beneath the waterfall are treacherous. A guy riding ahead of me had crashed in this area and really messed up his shoulder. At least he was riding with his wife, who could help him off the trail. Another group of riders also lended assistance by bringing a truck up to a spot where the trail comes close to a road.


There are some beautiful wildflowers this time of year.


You can’t see this bike because it’s a Blur (of the Santa Cruz variety).


More rock ledges.


Did I mention that the wet rocks are treacherous? Thankfully, no wives were injured in this photo.


Free showers are available to riders using the trails, so we took full advantage and decided to check out the historic West Baden Springs Resort. Former presidents, movie stars, and gangsters have visited this hotel.



Great ride on some really tough trails. The “Easiest” trail would easily be labeled “Intermediate” somewhere like Brown County State Park. The “More Difficult” trail would definitely compare to something like Walnut there, except with different character. There’s quite a bit more loose rock at French Lick. The rock ledges are also a unique feature.

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