First Trainer Ride of 2010

6 January 2010 got me going on the indoor trainer for the first time of the year. I’m not in very good shape for outdoor riding yet, and besides, it’s even chilly down here in Texas. I’d be relegated to road riding, and that’s too cold most of the time for road riding. Since I’m not fit or strong enough for the trails yet, that puts me indoors.

That meant getting my Edge 705 (purchased last fall) installed on the trainer bike, complete with the speed/cadence sensor. That went quick. I had the head unit set up already, so all I had to do was zip tie the mounts, the sensor, and the magnets (well, the cadence magnet zip-ties on, anyway). That was easy. I had to position the sensor to pick up the wheel magnet, but no biggie.

Once I got my HRM strap on and set the head unit to work with the gps off (who needs the GPS on while indoors screwing up your speed/distance readings, anyway?), it was pretty cool to see the data readouts on the screen. I don’t have the cadence on there right now, but it would have been neat to see that, too. But very cool to see my HR change with my speed (probably moreso with cadence, even) and to see everything working without the GPS even being on. I only spent 15 minutes on the bike, since I don’t want to overdo it. It felt like a pretty solid workout as it was. My mag+ trainer was on the easiest setting, too! I have some room to work. This workout is going to be a nightly occurrence. Let’s see if my .gpx file from the workout works well without any location data.


Well, apparently if my .gpx file contains no position information, it won’t display the additional data with this plugin. I guess I’ll fall back to taking screenshots.

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