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My wife has been raving about this little kitten that had been housed in her vet clinic for the past few weeks.  It had been found as a very tiny kitten out near the horse barn, and an employee brought it in the clinic.  Kitty has been living in a double kitty kennel the past few weeks just growing up.  My wife dragged me in to show me the little kitten the other day, and it seemed like a very good, well-mannered kitty.  Our current cat is old, cranky, ill, and VERY loud.  I don’t like her.  But this kitten was rather likable.  I told the wife that she’d be allowed to bring the kitty home if certain conditions were met.

1. I HATE noisy kitties.  If this one meowed or yowled excessively, it wouldn’t work.
2. Since kitty is young, kitty will receive training.  Namely, learn to come when called, and learn to wear a collar and a leash.  Old kitty would kill herself flailing if one tried putting a collar on her.
3. Since I am allergic to cats, current rules regarding no cats in the bedroom still apply.  Current cleaning regimes are sufficient but may need a little more work to cut down on cat dander.  Litterbox will need more frequent cleaning.
4. New kitty needs to be able to tolerate dogs better than old kitty.  Old kitty has had many dogs in her life, and she hisses and then goes into coughing attacks if one of them so much as sniffs her.  I would like it if young kitty learns to play with dogs.

We have had young kitty in the house for a couple of days now.  On day 1, she was rather shy and startled easily.  She mostly submitted to lots of petting for the time, enjoying the security of it.  On day 2, young kitty’s personality started coming out.  She’s a playing fool.  If you reach over to pet her, she attacks your hand, like you’re trying to play.  I got kitty an interactive chase toy on a long string at the end of a long wand so I can play with kitty without being shredded.  That would be bad, considering my blood counts resulting from cancer treatment.  Kitty can be worn out sufficiently with this toy that she becomes easy to handle.  Also, it makes it easier to get her used to the leash/harness.  Once she figures out the walking part, she might even be able to go for walks with the dogs.  Haha.  I like that the leash is stretchy for the tiny baby kitty.

2 thoughts on “New Kitty”

  1. Are you going to post pictures?! What is her name?

    I just got a kitten on 0ct. 31st, but have owned cats all my life. Try a laser pointer (just avoid kitty eyes!) it will drive her batty for hours and you can protect your apendages!

  2. I’ll put up some pictures. I forgot about adding them. We’ve got a laser pointer, and the little toy on a string works great. She got spayed and a front declaw recently, so she’s on confinement until we’re comfortable she won’t rip her stitches out trying to climb the Christmas tree.

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