Can it get better?

I found out at my appointment with my oncologist last week that I don’t need anymore chemo!  I got a greatly reduced dose (2 days’ worth) for round #7, and that was it.  No round #8 for me.  I did my 7th round as an outpatient…and I got to experience real chemo side-effects for the first time.  Ugh, now I know what I was “missing”.  I think I know why I missed them, too.  When I got my chemo as an inpatient, I always got loads of fluids when I wasn’t actively receiving chemo.  This time, I got a little, but not nearly as much…and I just couldn’t drink enough to make up the difference.

Receiving the chemo was interesting, too.  I’d go into one of the outpatient treatment centers (they’d do injections, transfusions, chemo, all sorts of things) and get my dose of fludarabine.  When that was done, they’d hook me up to the cytarabine and this tiny little battery powered portable pump set on a timer to give a certain dose.  They’d send me out the door at that point with the cytarabine set to run at a specified time and the pump in a little shoulder bag.  Then I could go out and do what I wanted…and sleep in a MUCH more comfortable hotel bed.

But in addition to being told that was my last chemo treatment, I was told that in roughly 6-8wks, I’d get my central line removed.  The specific date would depend on when my red cell counts returned to normal.  So when I am no longer anemic (which will be the first time in 10mo), I get the central line out.  Oh that will be a great day!  Furthermore, my oncologist told me it’d be okay to return to classes for my master’s degree program.  Wow.  I was hoping for that, but now that I am allowed to do it, it’s awesome!

I still have some details to iron out to register for classes for next semester, but I don’t think that will be a problem…just paperwork.  Excellent!  Here’s hoping for a permanent recovery!

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