Spring To-Do List Heats Up

My list of projects for this spring is starting to get going.  In a few weeks, my area will be at its average date of last frost (March 15 or s0) so I need to have my vegetable garden ready for planting.  That means I need to have the area fenced to keep the rabbits out.  It’s nice and toasty this week (in the 60’s), so I think I’m going to get that fence installed.  A few wooden posts, steel t-posts to supplement, and rabbit fencing.  I plan on installing a pair of gates since it’s a big garden, too.  Once that is done, I can get to planting some woody species…I absolutely want some blackberries.  Maybe some raspberries, too.

Then there’s the looming larger project…the pergola.  I’m slowly but surely making progress on the preparation for that one.  I’m in the process of building 6×6 posts out of 2×4’s at the moment.  I have 6 out of 10 posts finished.  I need to buy more screws, but I’d like to have all 10 finished by the end of the weekend.  These things are monsters.  I think the pergola is going to look amazing when it’s done.  Ain’t no hurricane going to take it out, I’m telling you!  It’s going to be heavy, solid, and anchored to the ground.  I need to visit the courthouse (maybe I’ll do that tomorrow) to make sure I don’t need to file for a building permit of some sort.

Before I can commence building of the pergola, I need to install the gutter on the back of the house.  I hate that the house only has a tiny bit of gutter over the front porch, and nowhere else around the house.  I’m going to install gutter on the back of the house prior to building the pergola (mainly to prevent erosion of landscaping around the pergola), and possibly install gutter around the rest of the house later in the year.  If I get the garden fencing installed quickly enough, I’ll be installing the gutter this weekend, too.

Photos of all these projects, of course, will be forthcoming as I make more progress.

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