Pergola plans

I learned today I need to get a building permit before I start constructing my pergola.  No worries on that, my plans for the thing are rock solid.  But I have to submit a sketch with my application.

I tried to sketch it by hand, but I just can’t pull that off since the cancer.

So I decided to try it out in Google Sketchup.  Quite a simple program to use, but very cool for 3d modeling.  I’m impressed!

Pergola Sketch

Pergola Sketch

I sketched up this alternate design with more even spacing between the second tier beams. Hmmm, now there’s a dilemma. Which one do you prefer?

3 thoughts on “Pergola plans”

  1. Hello Nate! I followed your link through my comment on Shawna’s blog. I’m curious because we, also, are considering adding a pergola this season. As far as your sketches, my eye was drawn to the first (top) one. It looks less ‘busy’ and more solid. Good luck! I hope you post your progress with the building of your pergola.

  2. Thanks for posting! The top tier is not going to be structural at all…it’s purely aesthetic.

    Here’s my thinking: The top design with the larger gaps would be good for fabric between the beam pairs. But with that, I would have to keep vining plants I want to grow on the corners trimmed so they don’t grow on top. The designs do not show that I plan to include details like lattice on the corners of the large patio space or benches in those corners, too.

    The bottom design with more even spacing would give vining plants a better hold. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll grow there, but I am considering jasmine, passionflower, grapes, and maybe a couple others.

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