ENO Hammock Test Hang

Today’s a nice day, and I finished sewing loops in my tree huggers last night, so I did some test hanging.

I’m happy to report everything went off without a hitch. I hung the hammock from my newly built pergola. It uses 6×6 posts, and the short side is about 14′ wide. I figured doing it in a controlled setting like this would go off a bit easier than trying to find the right two trees in the woods at the back of the yard for a test hang.

I’m using a whoopie sling/tree hugger setup with a couple of SMC rings, too.

Here’s the basic setup:

Tree huggers with a marlinspike hitch. Toggles are pieces of a fiberglass reflector pole from Lowes. Also, whoopies.
ENO hammock test hang

Whoopies then attach to SMC rings.
ENO hammock test hang
Also attached to the rings would be the structural ridgeline, hammock, and drip lines.

Tarp suspension.
ENO hammock test hang
Nothing special here yet. Guide Gear 12×12 tarp, continuous cord and tarp attached to the cord with prussiks and micro biners.

The hammock sag when hanging from these posts is about perfect, so I set my ridgeline length for this distance. I have plenty of length on all my suspension bits to hang between trees farther apart than this. In fact, my whoopies are cinched ALL THEY WAY down

The fiberglass rod bits seem to work well for toggles. I got some splintering when I made one cut, however, and I dipped those ends in plasti-dip to prevent the rod from splintering me later on. But I like the bright orange so I can see ’em if they fall into the duff on the ground.

The GG tarp is too big to hang on the diagonal here, however, so I couldn’t test it out completely. I found that I could set it up in a sort of ‘porch mode’ being that there’s no tie-outs in the middles of the sides. I still didn’t have quite enough room to stretch the tarp out like that due to the pergola’s structure. At least it can still be done. Looks like the MSR Groundhog stakes only do any good in the local soil if I push ’em in as deep as possible. The loose sand just moves around too much. I’d really rather not use bigger stakes unless I have to.

I find the ENO doublenest quite comfortable. I could totally sleep in it very easily. I think I’m going to like the hammock thing.

3 thoughts on “ENO Hammock Test Hang”

  1. I have the same rings and similar set up for whoopies. My problem is attaching the ridge line to the rings at both ends. any advise?

    1. You could technically splice both ends, but the 2nd end would have to have the ring spliced “in place” so you’d have to know exactly how long you need it. I spliced a loop in one end, fixed the ring to that end, and left the other end adjustable. I essentially use a cow hitch/lark’s head, seen here (http://www.animatedknots.com/cow/index.php?Categ=arborist&LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com). Slipping hasn’t been much of an issue for me, but you could certainly secure it to prevent slippage. The ridgeline isn’t what I’d call a “critical” aspect of the hammock hang. At least not critical to staying in the trees, so I don’t have a problem with leaving the hitch free to slip.

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