Four C Trail, Davey Crockett National Forest, Ratcliff, TX

I’ve been working on planning a hiking trip for this trail. Unfortunately, there’s really not many good maps out there. I found a SINGLE map, but it was just an image without coordinates in the margins. How is someone supposed to use a map like this? It’s really not a map if you think about it…it’s just a picture. You can’t even use a compass with it. But I suppose the folks who created want you to buy the real thing, but that’s still a bit dangerous.

So, I loaded that image into ESRI’s ArcGIS and georeferenced it against known maps. Once I did that, I proceeded to mark waypoints for several POI’s along the expected route. I marked the beginning and end trailheads, road crossings, and the most likely water sources. The trail traverses many ravines and drainages, but I only marked the ones that at least showed an intermittent stream on the topo maps. As such, what follows is the GPS data for the trail, presented in a Google Map, and also as a link for you to download. Maybe I should charge for the link to the download.

4 C Trail Waypoints

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