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Y’all need to bear with me here. I’ve been having some trouble with my site feeds pointed out to me by Google Webmaster Tools, and the RSS Validator tools on the web have been unable to validate my RSS feeds (I would get timeout errors when using Feed Validator). If you’ve been subscribing to my site and not getting any updates, I apologize. I only just now found the source of the problem.

The problem was a site plugin that had grown to be my favorite. It was the XML Google Maps WordPress Plugin. I went through disabling all of my plugins and checking my RSS feed. It became operational again once I disabled all of my plugins, and only stopped validating once I activated that plugin again.

I really liked that plugin, so I’m trying to fix my site pages with maps to work with minimal work on my part.

I’ve found another site, Gmap4, which lets me continue to host my own GPS data, but it moves the processing of that data to a different server. My RSS feed works correctly under Gmap4 now, but the iframe tags still make the validator a bit cranky. But at least it works.

I’ve attempted to fix map links. If you find any maps that are just links with no interactive map, please let me know. The old plugin used a simple a href tag, so those files will at least be downloadable by a link. But I really intend for them to work as interactive maps. Just let me know so I can fix them.

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    1. Thanks. Nightmare is right…urgh. Was talking to my wife about it last night and she really had no clue how bad it really was.

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