Leukemia Treatment Update

I got another 3-day round of Vidaza this week. The last time I got this stuff about 2 months ago, it made me really sick. I was throwing up and feeling really nauseous for the better part of the day. I told my doctors about that. Well, with my platelet count still being persistently low, my oncologist thinks that the Vidaza is still the best drug for me right now because it has a tendency to help improve my megakaryocyte (platelet progenitor cells) counts over time, and therefore, get my platelet counts back to normal.

This time, my doctor prescribed me some Zofran for nausea. I had been receiving this drug during my regular chemotherapy treatments last year IV. Well now I get to take it as a tablet. Apparently it’s a fairly new drug, but it does have a generic form. Even the generic costs well over $300 for the small amount I got. Thankfully it’s covered by my insurance, so I only pay the $15 copay.

That Zofran really works, though. Just take it before I leave the house to go get my Vidaza shots, and aside from day 1 where I had some mild headaches, I don’t feel bad at all. In fact, it lets me remain entirely functional all day long. I was able to get some work done at home (I wasn’t sure how I’d react, so I brought my work home rather than get sick in my office or something).

Well, since now I don’t have to see my doctor for about another 5wks, I have a period of time with no interruptions that I can use to finish my GIS project and my thesis proposal. I will be glad to get that proposal done, that’s for sure.

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