June 6, 2010 Ride

Today is Cancer Survivor Day.  I celebrated with a dawn mtb ride with my riding buddy.  I tend to not take so many pictures (any pictures) when I ride lately.  I’m just too busy riding.  I still do record GPS tracks, though.

It was disgustingly humid this morning for the ride.  The sun was nowhere to be seen.  It was obscured by fog/clouds.  It seriously looked overcast at the beginning of the ride.  I had to stow my sunglasses in my pack because they were too dark and I could barely see for one.  The other problem was that it was SO humid that I absolutely could not stop the lenses from fogging up, even though they’re vented.

I got to do spider patrol today.  My riding buddy wasn’t feeling up to leading the ride today (it’s been a few weeks for him).  It was okay, except I kept having to stop to clear spider webs from my face and my sweaty arms.  I was absolutely dripping with sweat, though.  I should have mixed a bottle of electrolyte replacement drink (all I have right now is Gatorade, but it’s better than nothing).

It wasn’t a terribly long ride today.  I probably should have kept riding, but the humidity was just too gross.

I did ride Scooby top to bottom today. It was fun, and not as hard as I thought it would be. I hadn’t done the top part of the trail yet, and it was worth it. There were some jumps, but none are really mandatory. There was a section with a stairstep of two drops each around 4′ tall or so. It caught me by surprise, but I handled it well.

The lower section of Scooby has some excellent banked turns and feels like a roller coaster. It’s fast and swoopy and just a good time. My riding buddy has shied away from Scooby because he thought it was going to be really tough. But he was happy I took him down it today. I think it’ll become part of our regular route.

I have some equipment impressions after my ride today. Earlier I had commented on doing a tubeless conversion of some standard Continental Mountain King tires (post 1|post 2). I’m pretty happy with them right now. I have a 2.4 in the front and a 2.2 in the rear. The 2.2 is only slightly larger than my old 2.0 tires, which is fine. I don’t necessarily need the weight of a bigger tire back there. The 2.4 is a good size for getting traction and flotation in the sandy East Texas soil. But the lugs aren’t TOO aggressive that they take away from the speed of the tire. The tubeless conversion is coming along. After inflating them before bed last night to 40psi, the tires only had about 10psi in them this morning. I added a little more sealant, especially since I didn’t hear any sloshing around inside my front tire, and reinflated to 30psi for my ride. They held air moderately well. I was down to 20psi by the end of the ride, but they were still totally rideable.

Once these tires seal up completely, I’ll probably run them at around 25psi for awhile to see how I like it.

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