It’s fruit season in Texas

The plums began to ripen a couple weeks ago. My wife and I have been gorging ourselves on fresh plums from the Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market since we first saw them there. Tasty. This week, the peaches started to show up, too. I first saw them at the Texas Blueberry Festival over the weekend, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with their ripeness. Today, they’re beautifully ripe. Here’s our haul for this week.

Fruit season in TX

What a beautiful pile of fruit. There’s nothing quite like a fresh southern peach. They explode when you bite into one, and the flesh comes cleanly off of the pit, with little to no effort at all. I’ve known about what a fresh southern peach tastes like, since I spent time growing up on my great-grandparents’ farm in Tennessee (where they had a peach tree). My wife, on the other hand, tasted her first ripe southern peach today. She conveniently did not eat any of the peaches I had bought in years past. I’ve been raving about them all year since I was unable to eat fresh fruit a year ago due to my cancer treatment. When she ate one, she actually called me on the phone she was so impressed with how they tasted. So sweet, so soft, and so juicy.

It’s no wonder I won’t buy peaches at the grocery store, and ripe peaches are probably the only thing worth 100F temperatures for me. Well, watermelons are close, but they don’t taste all that different 1000 miles north of here. I have yet to taste a peach north of Mason-Dixon worth writing anything but “yuck” about.

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