June 26th and 27th funness

I got out a bit this weekend.  My mileage isn’t super high yet, but I’m getting out and getting exercise.  On the 26th, I got a night ride in on the bike.  We’re trying for a regular Saturday night at 8pm group ride time.  Unfortunately, my main riding buddy couldn’t make it since his wife was out of town and he had to watch the kids.  I was there, though.  Nobody else showed up, which turned out to be a good thing.  The batteries on my headlamps were BOTH low (the indicator light was now glowing red instead of green), and I wasn’t sure how long to expect them to last.  So, I ran on one light, but kept both batteries on me so that in case one of them died, I’d have the extra to get back to the trailhead.

I didn’t end up needing the extra.  It seems once that light turns red, there’s still at least an hour of usable light (on high power) left.  More, I’m sure, if you run a lower brightness.

I did Creekside, Perimeter, and Labyrinth today.  I thought about a run down Scooby, but with it being dark and Scooby being so fast, I figured I’d probably end up in the poison ivy a lot if I tried Scooby with low batteries.

The next morning, I swapped accessories on the roof rack to carry my canoe out to Lake Nacogdoches to do some scouting for fossil hunting.  I’ve read in a few places that there’s a group from Austin that visits Lake Nac fairly regularly to look for a variety of marine fossils, including corals and shark’s teeth.

I found a couple promising spots.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of development going on along the lakeshore.  It seems everyplace there’s a house, the homeowners install a barrier to prevent erosion, which eliminates banks.  You have to look for empty lots, and many of them do not have exposed rocks.  Many places have recent sediment deposits.  In the places I found exposed bedrock, there still were not fossils just laying around.  You had to break open pieces of the crumbly sandstone and look inside.  There may be better places to look, as I didn’t explore everything, but I didn’t find much.

It’s also tough to get around on Lake Nac when you’re paddling a 16ft canoe by yourself.  There was a bit of a breeze coming out of the soutwest which kept things cool, but also made it difficult to return to the public boat landing.  There are also plenty of idiot powerboaters with no respect for paddlecraft and that wakes can upset a canoe rather easily when they’re broadsiding the boat.  I was constantly having to turn to face the waves head on to avoid getting swamped.

All in all, though, I need to come back here to search some other places for fossils.  I’m sure there are better locations that I did not find.

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