Brewlog 16 August 2010, JAO

So I’m slacking off by now on my brewlog, and that’s because fermentation is slowing down. I’ve been seeing sediment continue to build on the bottom of my carboy. I doubt it’ll be terribly long before fermentation stops completely. When that happens, it’ll be time to wait for it to clarify and age for a couple months. Right now, I’m figuring I’m going to “bulk age” it right up until I decide to drink it. I think it’ll be ready to drink on my birthday in November. Mmmmm!

I’m in the planning stages for my next batch. It’ll be a blueberry mead. I’m using blueberry blossom honey and will be adding a few pounds of frozen blueberries. I also got my hands on some SUPER fresh vanilla beans, and this recipe will be getting one of those. I just need to decide/figure out how I’m going to feed my yeasties. I’ll be using RC-212, which is rather nutrient-hungry. I’ll need to figure out a schedule for what nutrients to add, how much, and when to avoid stressing the yeast and adding off flavors to my mead.

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