Kaloko Trails, Hawaii (Hawaii Vacation #3)

I can’t believe I forgot to add a map of my mountain bike ride in Hawaii! Shame! Shame! Okay, well here’s a ride report, too. This trail was quite a departure from my local rides. The biggest difference is going to be elevation, of course. This trail starts at around 2800ft and goes up to almost 3500ft, whereas my local trails only have 100ft of change between the lowest and highest points.

The other difference would be the general terrain. No sandbox like my local trails. Instead, these trails are full of rocks and roots! A local, Grant, gave my wife and I an outstanding tour of the Kaloko Trails. Grant is a machine! He motored right up the big fire road climb of the ride like it was nothing. Sure, he had to dab a couple times, but whereas I made it about 100′ up before I had to walk, he rode all the way up. AND, he came back down and gave my wife a break from pushing her bike after the last false flat. Even though this trail kicked my butt from a fitness/climbing standpoint, it was a load of fun. Riding the “Pig Skull” trail downhill was a blast!

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