First Bike Video

My GoPro HD Hero arrived today and I got to take a couple minutes of video before it got too dark. I used it on the default settings, which are for 960p HD…essentially a tall HD format. I tried out the chesty mount first because it was the easiest to set up. It is pretty clever. I have quite an assortment of mounts I can use, and I’ll be playing with a couple of them tomorrow when I hit the trails with some buddies.

In addition to the chesty, I have the handlebar/seatpost mount, vented helmet mount, and all of the other little adhesive mounts that come with the helmet version. I will probably swap between chesty, helmet, and seatpost tomorrow. I have a couple ideas for utilizing some of the sticky mounts, but I’ll have to figure out optimal placement for them.

Here’s the short clip I came up with this evening:

The song makes me laugh, “Mountainbiker Klaus”…haha. At any rate, I don’t care much for the 960p setting here. Seeing my chin the whole time kinda sucks. Tomorrow, I’ll be playing with 720p, which is the same FOV (field of view), but not so tall. If the size works, but I don’t care for the FOV, I might try the 1080p setting for future vids, because it provides a slightly narrower FOV.

I’m liking this Sony Vegas HD Platinum software, though. It’s so easy to flip videos in the software, I don’t think I’ll worry about using the “UpD” setting on the camera. The less I fiddle with in the field, the better.

I have already decided I need another mount…I need the tripod mount so I can put the GoPro on my Ultrapod for static shots. mudpuppy (on mtbr) created this one that used the GoPro attached to a Gorillapod only. Clever.

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