Video and Maps – SFA Trails Vid Trial 1

As I’ve posted before, I got my hands on a new GoPro HD Hero recently. My first “video” wasn’t much – essentially just a backyard test. I was supposed to get some real footage on Friday, but a mechanical problem halted that. So, Monday was my next opportunity, and I took advantage. I got to get some ride footage of the local trails.

It’s mostly helmet footage, but there’s also some chesty footage, and a very small blip of seatpost mount footage. I wanted more seatpost footage, but the mount slipped and I had to ditch most of it. The trip was mostly about planning work projects, so I had places to go. Otherwise, I’d have taken the time to alternate POV points more frequently. I’ll do more of that on future rides when I have more time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a TheGPSGeek post without a map.

My Oregon 450 froze on me for some odd reason about a mile before the end of the trail. I dunno why it did that, but I was stopped changing camera mounts around at the time, if it matters. At any rate, I plugged it into the computer and downloaded what it did record just fine. I then proceeded to update the firmware since I hadn’t done so in a little while. Everything works fine now.

We’ve got a few finishing touches planned for the trails this spring. Nothing major, but some minor flow changes. It will be nice when we finally reach the “grand opening” complete with maps in the kiosks, signage on the trails, and no active construction in the “gardens” area.

SFA Rec Trails from TheGPSGeek on Vimeo.

Here’s the same vid uploaded onto Vimeo instead. Same dimensions, too. What do you think? Is one any better than the other? I’ve been thinking about purchasing a Vimeo Plus account for the ability to embed HD, increased upload capacity (this one video maxed my weekly capability, and it’s not that long), and unlimited HD uploads.

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