Kit McConnico – Lufkin

Today I went to Lufkin to help the folks from DET-TRAC and the Angelina Bike Club with some trail maintenance at Kit McConnico Park. I hadn’t ridden there yet and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to scope the trails out before riding.

Maintenance tasks were pretty simple – raking leaves off the corners, clear some downed trees, deberming, trim back trailside vegetation, move some trash cans that don’t get emptied, that sort of thing. After a few hours of doing that, the maintenance session ended and I got my opportunity to ride.

The trails here are not really technical like the ones in Nacogdoches. This is a good thing. We don’t want all the trails to be the same. In a word, I’d call this trail fast. There’s a little bit of elevation change to help with drainage and flow. If you’re looking for monster climbs, you won’t find them here. But if you keep cranking away, you can maintain some speed. The corners are wide and pretty swoopy and flowy. There are no abrupt changes in the trail direction that force you to slam your brakes and lose momentum.

The trail is mostly well-suited to higher tire pressures, but I found myself still appreciating lower pressures when I came across some sections with roots pretty significantly exposed from the trail. The low tire pressures let me float right over the roots while a higher tire pressure would make the bike bounce all over.

It’s somewhat sandy, but I didn’t really see anything I would call a sand pit like I’ve seen at a lot of trails in the area where loose sand collects and makes it difficult just to stay upright. It looks like the soil holds together pretty well, but also has good drainage. Things may change in the middle of the summer when it’s been dry for months.

There are a bunch of geocaches in the area, and I had them loaded onto my GPS so I could find them. But I just had too much fun on the trails I needed to try to fit a second lap in before dark instead of hunting for some caches.

I had a positive experience with these trails. Different from the trails in Nac that I usually ride, but in a good way. Kudos to the folks in Lufkin for a great trail system.

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