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I got a Tanita bc-1000 scale awhile back so I could track my fitness improvements as I recover from leukemia. I started using the scale long before I began my fitness recovery so I could establish some sort of baseline from which to make comparisons.

Imagine my surprise as used the scale over time to see that I was losing weight and generally improving my body condition. As I’ve still been going through chemotherapy treatments, I haven’t been able to do any significant exercise. So all these numbers are from me more or less doing nothing.  I get the occasional walks in, beginning about 1 month after chemotherapy.

body condition

When I got sick in March, I hadn’t eaten for awhile.  Then, I was put into a drug-induced coma.  By the time I came to at the end of March, I was down about 10lbs from my pre-illness weight.  I felt worlds better and began to eat some serious food.  You’d expect that, right, after not having eaten significantly for more than a month?


It didn’t take me long to put that 10lb back on.  Unfortunately, it was fat weight, not muscle weight.  Plus, all that time in a coma left my muscles quite atrophied.  It took a long time to put noticeable tone back.  Nowadays, my muscles at least have some shape to them.  Granted, this Tanita scale weighs light.  I am heavier than 151.6lb, but the trend is still valid.  I put all that weight on in the spring, and I began working on improving my diet in about September by swapping fatty meat for lean meat (and typically smaller quantities of it) and by including more cooked vegetables.  My oncologist wanted me to avoid fresh fruits and vegetables when my white cell counts were low due to the risk of infection.  As such, I’d normally only be able to eat fresh fruits and veggies about 1wk prior to chemotherapy, and during the time I was admitted to the hospital (they irradiate all food there, so my oncologist lets me eat fresh fruits & veggies that have been irradiated).

Finally, now that I’m about 1 month past my last chemotherapy date, I can have fresh fruits and vegetables again.  This makes me happy.  Hopefully the subsequent improvement in my diet as I bring those foods back will help my body condition improve still more before I hit the gym again.  I’m looking at mid-January before I gain access to the university gym again.  At that point, I plan on hiring a trainer to help me structure the appropriate exercise routine.

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