Feral Bottles

IMG_0527, originally uploaded by mtbikernate.

Ever wondered what happened to those plastic soda and water bottles all those yummy beverages come in? Well, look no further than your local wildlands. I captured this scene in Texas along the Trinity River…a bit downstream from Dallas. This opossum was chewing the bottles to put holes in them, then lapping up the sweet residue from inside.

I honestly don’t know where these particular bottles came from. They were located at the high water mark, indicating that they were deposited here during the last flood. I’m sure many of these were random litter…thrown from moving cars along the road, blown from the beds of pickup trucks on the freeway, and possibly even tossed in bags full of other refuse in little out-of-the-way areas that people frequently dump garbage illegally. But with so many of these bottles along the river, I can only wonder if there might be other sources, too.

I wonder if there are any landfills upriver from this site. How many of these bottles were discarded of properly, in the garbage or even the recycling bin? How many fell from garbage trucks and recycling collector trucks as they were in transit?

All I know is that a sight like this makes me think long and hard about purchasing drinks in plastic bottles in the future. I already avoid buying bottled water. I use a PUR filter instead. The only way to avoid soda in bottles is to avoid soda altogether, and much like this opossum, I enjoy the yummy sweetness a little too much.

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