National Bike Month Weigh-in

I’m a few days late to post this, but trust me, I did weigh-in on Sunday. As part of National Bike Month, I am committing to ride my bike to work daily (weather permitting). As the month goes on and I ride daily, I am going to track my weight and body fat % to see how things change with the increased activity level. I will also post the amount of gas I did not use assuming I did not drive my car (a 2007 Honda Fit that gets roughly 29mpg in my daily driving). This is going to vary somewhat from reality, since the route I may take by bike can differ substantially from the route I take driving. An efficient auto route does not necessarily equate to an efficient bike route and vice versa. Also, riding a bike is fun and I have fun alternate routes for bike commutes.

So, for my weigh-in…

My Tanita bc-1000 sets me at 179.4lb and 10.9% body fat. This is going to be my baseline.

Commuting by car, my route is approximately 3.5mi. One of my favorite routes by bike that involves a couple miles of trail and NO auto traffic along that stretch is about 4mi.

I’m off to a reasonably good start this week. I biked one way on Monday and both ways on Tuesday. Monday was only one way because work kept me extra late (10:30pm) and with the rainy weather (very welcome, mind you), I did not feel safe riding after dark sans headlamp. My Magicshine headlamp battery was subject to recall by Geoman recently (kudos to Geoman for taking care of his customers!) and it has not quite yet been replaced (hopefully soon, though). I had the spouse pick me up instead.

I got to experience one of the benefits of bike commuting this evening on my way home. I was using a lightly used road through a neighborhood (that passes by the hospital and a school, so the speed limit is low) and passed by a friend who was walking a dog. We had a nice chat.

After yesterday’s rain, today was perfect for bike commuting. It was relatively cool (high under 80) and sunny with a nice breeze.

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