Some Run Logs

I’ve done a little bit of running here recently, and I haven’t logged any of it until now. In fact, the runs have been sitting on my GPS until today. The first one was back at the end of April…so it’s been awhile. I’ll start today and work backwards. Today was the Nacogdoches Blueberry 5k race done in conjunction with the Blueberry Festival. The race this year was to benefit the dog park some folks are working to get here in town. As such, they were very welcoming of dogs running the race. The route passed the aid station twice, giving the pups a couple chances to get a drink. All in all, I’d say the race was very well-done. The local police blocked off some roads for the runners, and thankfully we weren’t buried under a bunch of useless swag.

My wife’s training for the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in the fall (by the way, she’s raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so please help her reach her goal), so she used this local 5k as a training run. Me…I’m just trying to keep in shape. I finally found a soccer team for the summer adult league, so I need to be able to keep up.

It wasn’t too bad for me all things considered. I had both dogs since the wife was going for a true workout. The dogs had me redlining in the first mile and I had to take some time to walk and get them to ease up. As it was, they didn’t settle into a comfortable pace until the last mile…and I was already toast. Also, one of my mangy mutts stopped to pee along the route and took FOREVER (that’s what I get for trying to hydrate my dogs before a workout) and then at the final aid station stop, they needed a good bit of water to cool off. I probably lost a solid couple of minutes just from those stops.

Awhile back, my wife got me to tag along on one of her 4mi training runs. That’s right at the edge of what I can do, especially in the heat. But I pulled it off.

The last route I’m sharing is from the Nacogdoches Bark-o-thon race. This one was held on Earth Day…right after an earlier 5k race put on by SFA as part of the Earth Day events. This one was in the afternoon, and it was HOT. It wasn’t my favorite race in the world, to be honest. I mostly did it because it benefited the local animal shelter. Being on the same course as so many other races made it a little more boring to be doing the same old same old.

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