Saturday’s Ride (in Video)

Today’s ride was interesting. Due to the video recording, we weren’t getting a big workout. Mostly just sessioning on the flow trails to get some interesting video. I wanted to practice getting off-the-bike shots with my GoPro.

We had to scrape a guy off the trail on the Downhill loop when he cased it hard trying to ride the drop and made a divot in the trail with his face. Some first aid and he got hauled to the ER to check him out for a concussion and a broken nose.

Please, folks, when riding this sort of stuff, do a few things:
1. Wear a helmet, and if you ride particularly aggressively or clumsily, a full-face model.
2. Know your limits. Don’t let testosterone and peer pressure push you into doing something you’re not comfortable with.
3. Inspect technical features before you ride them. You definitely want to scope out your line so you enter and exit the feature the best you can (and determine what’s required of you to clear it), but at minimum you need to inspect the obstacle itself for safety.

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