Fun with heart rate monitors

Ok, so I’m trying to catch up on some posts.  Seeing as how I’m going to have to go through a significant recovery process to regain my physical form, I’ve been picking up some tools to help me pull that off.

One of the first was a Tanita scale that records weight, body fat %, and a few other values.  That’s going to help me keep track of how my body changes with my workouts.  I can’t really do much except walking right now, so the values I record now help me establish a baseline from which I can make comparisons later.

I also got a Garmin Edge 705 HR+Cad.  I bought this one because it allows me to record my heart rate during a workout, as well as collect data while I’m riding my bike on the trainer in the living room.  My first use of it, however, was to strap it on while I slept one night, to see how my HR changed during the night.  This test was very shortly after a round of chemotherapy (the chemo elevates my HR), and that I’m also chronically anemic (also elevates my HR).  So my sleeping HR is MUCH higher right now than it would be for others.  I’ll be checking it from time to time to see how it changes over the course of my treatments.

It’s interesting to look at.  You can see the beginning, where the HR fluctuated a lot and was generally above the nighttime average, but as it went on, it fluctuated less and became more stable.  It looks like while it took awhile to fall asleep, I tended to sleep pretty well.

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