SFA Rec Trails 19 May 2012

My house was featured in the local open house event today, so I had to make myself scarce. I took the opportunity to get a mtb ride in and enjoyed my time, although my ride got cut short. I had an incident of chainsuck, looks like I had a misadjusted limit screw, and threw the chain off my cassette. That bent the chain some, which messed up the drivetrain. I tweaked it back to being “good enough” to get back to the TH, and took it to the shop so they could check for busted parts. The bent chain was subtle enough that I couldn’t find it on the trail.

The trail needs some work. Lots of downed trees. Someone has done some work on the northern sections, but it appears to be someone associated with Forestry, as the trees appear professionally cut and also were not always near the trail. I know Forestry uses this section of forest for class demonstrations and research projects, so it may be associated with that. The southern portions, though, were untouched by this work and need a couple of chainsaws and some clippers. The recent storms and spring growth have taken their toll.

Also some of the tread itself has seen better days. It mostly appears to be the short, steep whoop-de-doos that need the most work. The entrances are eroding to be less smooth, and some of the exits are undercutting and getting a little trickier to get out of. If the undercutting continues, that could really be bad for the whoop-de-doos.

Even though I wasn’t really trying, I did well on a couple of Strava segments. Even though I placed 2nd on Scooby, I wasn’t even remotely trying. It’s been long enough since I’ve ridden it that my flow was off. I also had to dismount for a downed tree. I’d have done a second run if my chain wasn’t f’d. Still, the competition on Strava for this trail is not terribly strong yet.

The trails were largely empty. I saw a few trail runners and that was it. No other riders, though I know of a guy who rode there this afternoon. I guess 10am on Saturday is early or something. The weather was nice. It was a little bit humid, but it could have been worse. Felt like it was going to be warmer today than most days recently. The home weather station says there was a high of 91, so that makes sense.

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