SFA Rec Trails 5/20/2012

Got another ride in this weekend to make up for my ride being cut short yesterday.

You know, it gets boring doing so many laps on a short trail network. I like getting in 15+mi, but to get that much mileage in exclusively at these trails, I’d have to do 2 more laps at least. Riding from my house lets me get those extra miles in and I’m certainly going to be going back to that.

I see I got a couple Strava KOM’s on this one, and was only a couple seconds off of nabbing a 3rd. I’m not a terribly fast rider. I need to get some other locals to use Strava to make the competition part more interesting. I don’t know many XC guys here who track their rides, though…and only one other guy who does (and he will smoke me on Scooby, that’s for sure) who is more of an aggressive AM rider. Maybe I could at least get him to use the Strava app instead of Cyclemeter.

2 thoughts on “SFA Rec Trails 5/20/2012”

  1. i will check in to this app. Im in this area and I ride these trails on a daily basis for the most part. Looks like you covered it all. do you know how many miles of trais are over there? I drive that Tan Toyota FJ Cruiser (SUV) if you have seen it out there. One day soon i will start tracking my time and maybe we could compare or something. thanks man. First time i googled our trails and came accross this. have a good day.

    Cris C

    1. Well, considering you can’t ride everything without riding some stuff twice, how you define “total mileage” is a little muddy. If you limited that to just the sum of all sections only once, by my count there’s only 3.12mi of dirt trails out there (calculated using GIS software). However, because you have to ride some sections twice to ride every section at least once, a typical loop for me is usually around 6mi. Getting 10+mi out there isn’t too tough. I usually ride from home and ride the entire dirt portion of the Lanana Creek Trail as well and get about 15mi.

      AFAIK, I have the best maps of these trails aside from the one at the kiosks which is conveniently not published anywhere online. I think it’s ridiculous that the “Healthy Nacogdoches” flyers at the Bike Shop and elsewhere in town cover the Lanana Creek Trails well, but don’t even come close to reflecting the mtb trails. Some idiot just went at it with Adobe Illustrator for 5min and called it a day.

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