Tyler State Park 23 September 2012

I’ve been busting my tail on my thesis lately and not doing much else, so when a friend invited me out to Tyler SP on Sunday with the Morning Glory Yoga Run Club, I had to come. Most of the group was there to do a 16mi trail run in training for the Tyler Marathon. The longest run I’ve done has been just over 4mi (partially on trails, I might add) so I wasn’t up to that. But the time would give me the opportunity to do the whole ABCD loop.

The most I’d previously done was the ABC loop with my wife. I love riding with my wife, but she has neither the bike fitness nor the technical skills for CD, really. C was over her head the last time we did it together and I apologized profusely, as I didn’t know exactly how rough it was. I put my photos inside the map this time around, so click on the waypoints and the popups will have the photo thumbnails. If you click them, you’ll get to see the full sized image on flickr.

There appears to be a temporary error with displaying this file. I was getting a FETCH_ERROR and TIMED_OUT, which appears to be a problem on Google’s end. I hope that gets worked out. Until then, here’s a photo slideshow. If you really want to see the map, it appears if you refresh it enough, it will eventually display.

Here’s my Strava embed if you’re interested in my ride stats at all. I had to stop a few times. The loop C switchbacks are a beast. I haven’t been able to clean them yet. My first attempt I went over backwards. This time I made it about halfway up before hitting something (I don’t remember what) and tumbling down the hill. The big climb on the backside of loop B is tough. It’s a long one and after riding everything else, I find myself needing a break JUST before the top at one of the false flats. I do apparently have a respectable pace when I’m moving along. On my lap of AB after doing ABCD, I managed 15th overall out of the whole pack of nearly 60 riders who have done this loop. Not bad when I’m pretty exhausted already.

I brought the GoPro along and took some video. I admit, I didn’t put a lot of effort into getting a bunch of angles. I was honestly more interested in riding. Got some chesty footage and some rear-facing footage. I chopped it all up so nothing is in order.

Tyler State Park 23 September 2012 from TheGPSGeek on Vimeo.

I am absolutely beat. A warm bath with epsom salts did me well, but I’m still going to be hurting tomorrow morning. Do I bike to the office, or do I use one of my single-day parking passes and rest my muscles? I think that will be a game day decision.

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