Offseason Maintenance Projects

It’s getting close to the “offseason” for many outdoor activities.  Or, at least, the shorter days and holiday business tends to reduce our enjoyment of some of these things.  It also happens to be a good time to take care of any maintenance you might need to take care of.  Several years ago, I made use of the winter offseason to sew a couple of down quilts.

I’ve been working on a master’s degree the past few years and so I haven’t had much time for winter gear projects, but I did give the shocks on my mountain bike some maintenance a couple years ago.

This year, I think I’m going to give my mountain bike some bearing TLC.  I’ve got some squeaky suspension pivots and since it’s been several years since they’ve been replaced, it’s probably time to do it again.  While I’m at it, I’ll be taking a look at my BB, hub bearings, and headset bearings.  They are all cartridge bearings, so I’ll be getting my hands on a bearing extractor and a bearing press to do all this work.  I’ll probably spend more on the tools than on any replacement bearings, but the tools will pay for themselves over time.  Eventually.

Yeah, I know my actual service intervals are WAY off of the manufacturers’ recommended service intervals for this stuff.  But honestly, I think the manufacturers are a little overzealous in their recommended service intervals for a lot of things.  That, and I’m not all that hard on my stuff.

I am also going to try to get the woodwork on my canoe sanded and varnished.  One of my paddles also has some wear that could use a bit of TLC to keep the water out.  I doubt I’ll be doing that one in the deep of winter, though.  I might get the wood sanded, but  I’ll probably wait until it starts to warm up again to varnish it so I can get some ventilation and warmer temps to help the varnish dry.

What are you planning to do as your winter gear maintenance project this year?

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