Holiday Activities and 2013 Fitness Goals

As with the rest of you, my holidays have been pretty busy spending time with family and friends and doing the holiday party circuit. I’m trying to avoid gaining more weight, as I already weigh more than I want to (last check at 184lb) and I think I managed to avoid that.

I tried to make time to be active over the holidays, too. The first of those was the 2012 edition of the 5k’s of Christmas, which I ran 2 winters ago also. This time it was held in Carmel’s Central Park.

Apparently, I didn’t write a post about the 2010 race, but here’s that one, which was held in downtown Indy along the canal.

Both routes were very nice. Both were also very snowy. Though I think the snow was cleared better for the 2010 race. This time, there were some lengthy sections with some treacherous ice. I saw some people slip, but fortunately didn’t hear of anyone falling and hurting themselves. Along the icy sections, I found myself running in the snow on the side of the path most of the way. I’m also pretty happy with my time. The last run I had done was the June Blueberry 5k in Nacogdoches, TX, seen below.

My stats for both races are VERY similar, and I’m pretty darn happy for that considering the lack of running in my schedule this year as I finished my thesis.

When my wife came to Indianapolis last spring, we decided we were going to do the Mini Marathon in 2013, so when registration opened up, we signed up and committed to doing it. It’s her second half marathon (she did the Nike Women’s in San Francisco in 2011), but it’ll be my first. I REALLY want to get rid of the gut I developed during my leukemia recovery and has proven to be pretty persistent. I had my weight down in the low 170’s, but all the time I spent sitting at the computer finishing my thesis allowed me to put about 10lb back on.

I have started doing a “6 week 6 pack” ab/core workout plan and have made it through week 1 on that one, and I have begun my half marathon training, also. The wife and I signed up to the local YMCA so we could make use of the treadmills and indoor track during bad weather this winter (and avoid running in the sketchy neighborhood we live in right now). We will try to do our long runs outside on some of the greenway paths around town to mix it up. Our families think we’re nuts for exercising outside this time of year at all.

I also made some time to get some bike riding in. This past weekend, mayor Ballard hosted the 2013 Polar Bear Pedal in downtown Indy. It began at the City Market (at the Bike Hub YMCA), looped around downtown, and went through Fountain Square and to Garfield Park before looping back to the starting point. It ended up being about a 10 mile celebration of bike commuting and showcasing parts of the Cultural Trail and some of the bike lanes on the southeast side of the city.

A number of local media outlets covered the event: WTHR13, Fox59, IndyStar Slideshow, IndyStar writeup, also. At least 900 people registered for the event, and most sources are suggesting that possibly over 1,000 actually attended. I think it’s an awesome show of support for bike commuting in the dead of winter, and a show of support for the mayor’s efforts to expand bike lane coverage around town.

The part of the city I live in right now isn’t the most conducive to bike commuting, but I’m hopeful when the wife and I finally get our house in TX sold and can afford to find a better place, we’ll be able to choose a place in an area with better bicycle infrastructure. I’m also pretty sure my bike commute will get quite a bit longer as compared to TX. That was an easy 3-4mi but I could see the distance easily doubling. For the most part, there aren’t many hills so my SS gearing will probably still work out for me. Of course, gotta get that job search taken care of first.

All in all, I think 2013 is looking pretty good. I wouldn’t call them resolutions so much, but I have some sound fitness goals for the year.

1. Get rid of my gut.
2. Run my first half marathon (hopefully will go hand in hand with #1).
3. Do a 50mi mtb ride before the end of the year.

Coupled with a few general outdoors goals

1. Do more backpacking and camping.
2. Paddle the canoe more.
3. Actually get out and hunt so I can source a significant portion of my meat from hunting.

And some goals for this website

1. Post weekly about my exercise and training progress.
2. Post more photos.
3. Post more videos.
4. Engage my readers more (as few as you are) by offering some free stuff this year for reader contributions (details to come as I decide how to do this).

Of course, for the photos, I’m not going to lug my DSLR everywhere. Somewhere, somehow, my wife lost the charger for our little rugged camera so I think I just need to suck it up and order a new one. If we had it, we’d probably have had some photos and maybe a couple short vids of the 5k’s of Christmas run and the Polar Bear Pedal. And of course, I need to make better use of the GoPro. I also have Costa Rica vids I need to edit/compile that have some surfing lesson footage and zipline footage.

I hope 2013 is good for my readers, too.

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