2013 HMBA Winter Mayhem Ride

Got out today to attend a group ride put on by the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association at Ft. Harrison State Park in Indianapolis, IN. What a great place this is. I first rode here back in the summer and fell in love with the flowy trails here. They’re not super hard, but they’re a blast to ride. It’s also a good place to take beginners. There’s a little elevation change, but it shouldn’t be too much to discourage them if they need to work on their fitness. There’s a great beginner’s loop, too, where they can stay pretty close to the trailhead if they need to bail.

HMBA maintains a great Google Map of the trails, too.

View Fort Harrison Mountain Biking Trails in a larger map

Here was my ride today. I only did a couple of loops because I’m not exactly in good riding shape right now. I also am having some rotor drag issues. I’m not sure how much extra energy it was requiring, but it was something. And derailleur adjustment issues. Meh. I was fine in low gears, but if I wanted more speed and I shifted into a smaller cog on my rear cluster, I’d start getting ghost shifting. I had to run a higher than usual cadence today.

Sorry for the lack of pics (yeah, I know, I promised more). I found the charger on my rugged P&S (freezeproof, so perfect for today) and I charged up the battery, but I couldn’t get it turned on. To avoid being the buy fiddling with gadgets, I left it in the car and just rode. When I got home I realized that I had forgotten that this particular camera lets you put the battery in backwards. Oops. Oh well, hopefully I remember next time.

We’ve got a warm spell coming, with some rain, so I’m not sure when my next mtb ride will be. But I’ll be sure to make it out when it gets into the 20’s again. Too bad Town Run is flooded and closed right now. I haven’t ridden there in several years. I’ll have to help with the post-flood rehab when work days start getting advertised.

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