2013 OneAmerica Indy 500 Festival Mini Marathon

On Saturday, I completed my first half marathon! Take THAT, cancer!

That was a really difficult race for me. You can see in my GPS track below that my legs just blew up after about mile 10.

Frankly, I didn’t train enough in the few weeks preceding the race. After I reached about 8 or 9 miles, I started having knee issues. I took time off of running and spent more time biking in hopes that those knee issues would heal up. I know now, after my trip to the med tent for ice after the race that my knee issues were IT band problems. I could have stretched that area out and continued running and felt better at the finish of the race.

For quite awhile, I was holding near an 11:30 pace and could have done well for my first half marathon. As it was, I finished around a 13:00 pace, which gives me something to work on for next year. I will work on stretching my IT band, doing some 5k and 10k races (hopefully more 10k’s) in the next year so that I can do better next year.

This was a really great event, and it better be, for being the largest half marathon in the country, filling up with 35,000 registrants. The on-course entertainment was great. Lots and lots of bands and folks dressed up. I really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz themed group on the track, and the big group of Princess Leia’s just outside the track (the Fourth was indeed with me on race day).

After I crossed the finish line, I broke down in tears when my wife congratulated me. She had finished around 15 min before me, and had beaten her half marathon PR in the process (also after not training enough). I was just so proud of myself for the accomplishment, especially when I was in a wheelchair just 4 years ago. Cancer can’t bring me down!

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