Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

For my second anniversary, my wife and I went to Mammoth Cave National Park.  Overall it was a good trip.  My only complaint relates to the HEAVY horse use this park gets…the horses destroy the trails at stream crossings and other wet spots.

My Homemade Hiking Quilts

I made these awhile ago, but currently the details only reside on a web forum.  I wanted a better place to put them.

Alright, here goes nothing. I am placing an order with thru-hiker for the materials to sew TWO quilts…one for myself and one for my wife. Here’s what I’m ordering:

2x Down Quilt Kits:
Smoke Grey nanoseeum netting (both)
Momentum90 liner (both)
1.1oz sun shell (mine)
1.1oz dark green shell (wife’s)
24oz down (total)

8x anchorable cord locks (for draw cords at head and feet)
20ft flat cord (for draw cords)
2ft velcro

Fun with heart rate monitors

Ok, so I’m trying to catch up on some posts.  Seeing as how I’m going to have to go through a significant recovery process to regain my physical form, I’ve been picking up some tools to help me pull that off.

One of the first was a Tanita scale that records weight, body fat %, and a few other values.  That’s going to help me keep track of how my body changes with my workouts.  I can’t really do much except walking right now, so the values I record now help me establish a baseline from which I can make comparisons later.

Feral Bottles

IMG_0527, originally uploaded by mtbikernate.

Ever wondered what happened to those plastic soda and water bottles all those yummy beverages come in? Well, look no further than your local wildlands. I captured this scene in Texas along the Trinity River…a bit downstream from Dallas. This opossum was chewing the bottles to put holes in them, then lapping up the sweet residue from inside.