ArcGIS Online

I have been playing around with ArcGIS Online and I’m debating whether or not to implement it permanently on my site. My best guess at this point is that I won’t use it for everything I map, but it seems to have its place. I am using it right now on my new “Trailheads” page on a test basis. So far, I’m liking that it allows me to layer multiple files (I am currently using .kml files) onto a single map. It can even load .gpx files that way, so it might have a use for track display possibly in conjunction with waypoints. It can certainly handle more complex web mapping than Google Maps can.

Map Updates

Hey, everybody. I updated my Mountain Bike Rides map and my Paddling map with information from a few backlogged recent trips. For mountain bike rides, I’ve added a few trailheads of places I’ve ridden in the past year. For paddling, I’ve added some river access points in East Texas, as well as a couple campsites along the Angelina River. I added one hiking location to the Hikes map, Ratcliff Lake Recreation Area. You can access the 4C Trail from there, or simply do some dayhiking.

Consolidating Content

Lately the content on this website has been getting diluted from GPS data uploads, outdoor activities, and GPS technology topics with stuff about nature and wildlife, photography, and gardening topics. I’ve decided it’s time to consolidate my content. I won’t be moving content that already exists here, but new content about gardening will appear in the “Natives and Heirlooms” blog. New content about wildlife and wildlife photography will appear in “Nature in the Backyard“. If you followed this site for those topics, you might want to follow one of the new sites. Continue to follow this one for GPS topics, trip reports, and data uploads.

Nacogdoches, TX Trails

I’m making some solid progress on the trails map for Nacogdoches, Texas.

Right now, I have all of the trail in the SFA Recreational Trails mapped, in addition to all of the Lanana Creek Trail. I have a little bit of data for the Azalea Garden, the Mast Arboretum, and Tucker Woods. I’m not entirely certain how well those areas are going to come out, because the arboretum and azalea garden, especially, have VERY dense networks of trails.

Maps Update

Y’all need to bear with me here. I’ve been having some trouble with my site feeds pointed out to me by Google Webmaster Tools, and the RSS Validator tools on the web have been unable to validate my RSS feeds (I would get timeout errors when using Feed Validator). If you’ve been subscribing to my site and not getting any updates, I apologize. I only just now found the source of the problem.


I decided to break down and buy a hosting account and an URL and move my blog off of the free sites. It took a little while to get it set up how I wanted, but I’m liking the flexibility I have, and my hosting company offers a lot of easy install options for page add-ons. Right now I’m just running the blog, the theme, and the Google Maps API. I’m quite impressed with this XML Google Maps WordPress plugin. It makes it really easy to load .kml and .gpx files, and even provides some charts on a track! See the example below to get an idea of this. I have another example loaded on my maps page.