The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes

Man, I can’t believe it’s turned up! A friend of mine found this video hosted online, and it was one of the Wittenberg University Geology Department favorites. I don’t know anyone who’s seen this who doesn’t have fond memories of the hapless canoeist jumping randomly through time and having all sorts of adventures in the glacial and modern Great Lakes.

ENO Doublenest hammock

Christmas found me pretty happy this year.  After my wife got home from emergency calls, we exchanged gifts.  She got me an ENO Doublenest hammock for backpacking.  Right now, I only plan on using it for summer backpacking, but many folks figure out how to use them in the cooler seasons, too.

The hammock itself packs up pretty small.  This does not include, however, a bug net or a tarp.  These are extra parts.

Goodbye Central Line!

During my appointment with my oncologist on Thursday, he told me that I could get my central line removed.  That thing has been my constant companion since March.  I have to say, I was really happy to be getting it removed.  It was one of the 2 lumen models and it was inserted into a vein in my left chest.  It had to have a dressing placed over it (and replaced weekly) to keep it sterile.  That was quite a routine, along with changing the caps on a weekly basis.  That dressing was also water-sensitive, so I had to cover it when I bathed.  It made baths/showers such a huge PITA because I couldn’t put the cover on myself, and once the cover was on, the mobility of my left arm was restricted so much that I couldn’t adequately wash myself, so my wife had to help.  That meant I only took a shower or a bath about every other day or so.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet

Wow, I’ve gotta say this thing looks WAY cool.  I was doing some searching online for some kind of mp3 player that has enough storage to fit my whole music collection.  I know the iPod classic has a big storage option, but I don’t like Apple, especially the iPod/iPhone.  I wanted something else.  Enter Archos 5 Internet Tablet.  With up to 500GB of storage, it certainly fits the primary need I had.

The National Map and GeoPDF

All you map geeks, get prepared! Many of you might already be aware of the National Map project by the USGS. Part of that project is the process of updating/replacing the OLD paper USGS topos. You know, the ones that were commonly last updated in the 1960’s or 1970’s? The new topo maps will be called US Topo and are set to begin a schedule in 2010. Parts of the country have been covered in part of the beta program, called the Digital Map – Beta.
US Topo Implementation

Progress Map from


My First (Hidden) Geocache

I hid my first geocache a week ago and it finally got found today. I am indeed surprised it lasted a whole week before anyone even tried to look for it. The first two searchers, of course, found it (they had teamed up for it). I put a fair bit of thought into it and I wanted it to be unique and interesting. I’m not so into the blah magnetic keyholders on a guardrail hides or film cans under a lamppost skirt. I put some thought into this one in an attempt to make it interesting. So far, so good.

Body Condition Monitoring

I got a Tanita bc-1000 scale awhile back so I could track my fitness improvements as I recover from leukemia. I started using the scale long before I began my fitness recovery so I could establish some sort of baseline from which to make comparisons.

Imagine my surprise as used the scale over time to see that I was losing weight and generally improving my body condition. As I’ve still been going through chemotherapy treatments, I haven’t been able to do any significant exercise. So all these numbers are from me more or less doing nothing.  I get the occasional walks in, beginning about 1 month after chemotherapy.

Kitten Update

Okay, so I’ve got a kitten update for those of you who are interested in such things. We’ve had the kitten awhile now, and just got her spayed along with a front declaw, since she was starting to scratch everywhere EXCEPT the scratching post. She’s been adjusting quite well, though she actually will run away if she doesn’t want to be picked up and held at the moment. I’m working on teaching her her name, Spooky, by giving her treats as I say it. Not sure if she’s interested much, but I’ll keep at it.