2010 Vegetables Cont’d

I finally planted the rest of my vegetables today. Due to budgetary issues, the wife didn’t want me buying more seed starting gear…I had to make due with what I had. I had some extra starter discs, but I didn’t have a tray to put them in. So I improvised. I’m not using the lid on my big tray anymore, because the plants are too tall. So that top became the bottom for my other veggies.

More seeds!

Bike Lights

Just this evening I took receipt of a pair of Magicshine bike lights. These things have been around for awhile and there’s lots of discussion about them around the web. They’ve got their fans, and certainly their detractors.

I got them because I am at the point in my physical recovery that I can probably get back on the bike soon. When I can do that, I probably won’t be ready for the mountain bike yet. I still need a lot of strength and stamina. But I WILL be able to start commuting by bike again. It will help me get back into shape for mountain biking. Part of commuting is getting your bike outfitted with adequate safety gear.

Vegetable and Herb Garden 2010

I tried to start a vegetable garden last year and I had all my seeds started…until I got leukemia. When that happened, the whole project halted. I had tilled the garden, fertilized with horse manure, and all that. But being in a coma for a month dampens the ability to work on such a project.

I’m trying again this year…with some improvements. Last year, I just put my seeds in an eastern window. That was grossly insufficient. They came up spindly and weak. This year, I built a growing rack to hang grow lights on. It’s allowing me to start more seeds, as well as give them a better start.

Maps Plugin File Testing

Myself and Scott Morris have been having some troubles with some .gpx files lately and I am going to be using this page to try out some different files. I don’t want this to screw up the display of the main page, so I hope to put enough intro text in here to bump the map(s) onto their own page.

We’re both scratching our heads on this one. I started having trouble with a .gpx file after running it through the photo geotagging utility in his software. Naturally, I thought I found a bug. But now it appears not, because he doesn’t have the same problem at all with that file on his computer.

Boykin Springs Sawmill Hiking Trail

My wife and I visited the Boykin Springs Recreation Area to hike the Sawmill Hiking Trail.

The trail is only a few miles long and goes from Boykin Springs to the old Aldridge Sawmill.

There are still remnants of the old buildings left today. This was good physical therapy for me. The hike was just right to be challenging, but not too strenuous. Nice historic site to check out towards the end, too. The trail was nice, except that because of all the recent rains, it was rather muddy in spots. I can see this trail being quite nice when it’s dry.

First Trainer Ride of 2010

6 January 2010 got me going on the indoor trainer for the first time of the year. I’m not in very good shape for outdoor riding yet, and besides, it’s even chilly down here in Texas. I’d be relegated to road riding, and that’s too cold most of the time for road riding. Since I’m not fit or strong enough for the trails yet, that puts me indoors.

Backpacking Sundries Kit

You can see this one in my YouTube channel (my username over there is mtbikernate), but I’m posting it here for my own readers, too. Jason Klass from Gear Talk asked what folks put in their backpacking sundries kit (his term). I don’t have a term for the kit, but I made a video response to him about what I put in mine.