Leukemia Treatment Update

I got another 3-day round of Vidaza this week. The last time I got this stuff about 2 months ago, it made me really sick. I was throwing up and feeling really nauseous for the better part of the day. I told my doctors about that. Well, with my platelet count still being persistently low, my oncologist thinks that the Vidaza is still the best drug for me right now because it has a tendency to help improve my megakaryocyte (platelet progenitor cells) counts over time, and therefore, get my platelet counts back to normal.

Best of Texas Backyard Habitat

For this Earth Day 2010, I am making a commitment to get my backyard certified as a Best of Texas Backyard Habitat.

Thankfully, I have about .8 acre, so it will be relatively easy to meet the requirements of the certification program.

What do I need to incorporate? ¬†Well, there’s a list of things you need.

  • An obviously native plant habitat. Volunteers will not count plants to see if you have a majority of native plants. If there are more than two plants listed in the Invasive Exotic Species section of this webpage, we will reserve the right to deny certification as a Best of Texas Backyard Habitat.

Maps Update

Y’all need to bear with me here. I’ve been having some trouble with my site feeds pointed out to me by Google Webmaster Tools, and the RSS Validator tools on the web have been unable to validate my RSS feeds (I would get timeout errors when using Feed Validator). If you’ve been subscribing to my site and not getting any updates, I apologize. I only just now found the source of the problem.

Osprey Talon 22 Initial Review

I combined my REI dividend and 20% off coupon to grab a new pack. I really didn’t have a GOOD daypack for hiking, and I needed something I could mountain bike in for longer days. What I have works for short rides, but can’t carry enough gear well for an exploratory day.

The Osprey Talon 22 looked like it would fit for my needs. The M/L size is about 1300 cubic inches, which compares well to my Camelbak MULE at 600 cubic inches and my REI Lookout (more of a long day/light weekend pack) at 2700 cubic inches.


Mountain Biking in the Angelina National Forest

I decided to take a drive today to check out some trails east of Zavalla that I’d been told about. I was told that bikes were permitted by the USFS, so I wanted to see if they were worth it.

I packed up my bike gear plus a bit of a larger first aid kit than I’d otherwise take biking to appease my wife. I made sure to include my camera and my Edge 705 to record my path. Not only did I want to check these out, but I wanted some GPS data, so other riders could know that they can ride there.

Good Friday!

In order to take advantage of the short day at the office, I decided to spend some time on the bike. I’ve missed out on the bike a bit lately because of home improvement work. I did get a short mtb ride a couple weeks ago after I helped with some local trail maintenance, but I wanted more. Unfortunately, I am not supposed to post my GPS tracks of the rides yet. The trails are on university property, and they’re technically not finished yet. Right now, it looks like the grand opening won’t happen until May as the trails get finished up. But, the trails are also not closed. The guy in charge of building wants folks to ride the trail so it can be fine-tuned before opening day. So, I’ve been taking advantage.