A Rare Food Post – Smoked Pork Ribs (in the oven)

oven smoked pork ribsI’ve been wanting to smoke some meat for quite a long time.  But, I’m waiting for my grill to die before I buy a grill I can use as a smoker (preferably one that has a side firebox so I can burn actual wood for smoke).  I found out recently, however, that I can use my electric oven as a smoker in a pinch.  I thank the foureyed(beer)geek for the tip.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. First, I had to choose my supplies.  I chose pork ribs because I just prefer the texture and flavor over beef ribs.  I needed an aluminum baking tray and some woodchips.  I chose hickory chips this time around for a mild smokiness.

Canoeing the Angelina River South of Route 7

Today I took a short paddle trip with the wife along the Angelina River south of Route 7. To paddle it one-way downriver from here would take you all the way to US 59, and neither of us were up for an overnight canoe camping trip today. Instead, we did an out-and-back. The river is slow enough that paddling upriver was not a problem in the slightest.

The goal for the day was to scout an area on the southern edge of the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest for a geocache, and canoeing there seemed the best way to go. Scouting operation successful, by the way. Stay tuned for my cache.

Wildlife Update: Red Fox or Coyote?

I have my infrared motion-sensing wildlife camera set up in the woods in my backyard. It had been out there for some time, and I wasn’t getting a single picture. I was really itching for a trail cam photo to blog about, so I baited the trap location with the juice from some moist cat food.

Red Fox


I’m really excited about this photo. My neighbor says the last time he saw a fox in the neighborhood was about 5 years ago…before my house was even built. I heard what I believe to be a fox bark in my front yard late at night earlier this year, but other than that, I have had no indication of a fox in the yard.

SFA Recreational Trails 10.2 Livestrong Day

The early October maintenance day for the SFA Rec Trails happened to fall on Livestrong Day. I made sure to represent Livestrong today. I arrived late, but I met up with the group installing some rock gardens on Upper Bois d’Arc.

SFA Recreational Trails SFA Recreational Trails

SFA Recreational Trails

In testing them out, they’re entirely rideable, but they add some technical challenge to a section of trail that is mostly a cardio challenge. I wouldn’t call them difficult because they’re short and as long as you have momentum, you can roll on through. But they can catch you if you hesitate and/or fail to carry enough momentum through them.