First Ride of 2011

It took me awhile to get my first ride of 2011 in. No excuses here. I was lazy for the first couple weeks of January, but we’ve also had rain moving through the area on a regular basis since the New Year. We’ll only get a day or two of dry, sunny weather, and up until now, those days have coincided with days I’ve had other stuff to do. Today, I had time to ride, so I took advantage of the nice weather.

Consolidating Content

Lately the content on this website has been getting diluted from GPS data uploads, outdoor activities, and GPS technology topics with stuff about nature and wildlife, photography, and gardening topics. I’ve decided it’s time to consolidate my content. I won’t be moving content that already exists here, but new content about gardening will appear in the “Natives and Heirlooms” blog. New content about wildlife and wildlife photography will appear in “Nature in the Backyard“. If you followed this site for those topics, you might want to follow one of the new sites. Continue to follow this one for GPS topics, trip reports, and data uploads.


I got an air compressor (well, a gift card for one – because we weren’t going to haul one 2,000 miles with us on our trip to visit family for the holidays) from my wife for Christmas. I ended up choosing a portable Kobalt compressor for my uses, since I mostly just want it for inflating tires (car and bike) and for the occasional other random use (like installing/removing grips and for blowing dirt out of my drivetrain). The inflator and hose that come with the Kobalt compressor are pretty lame, though. There’s not even a pressure gauge on the schrader inflator.