Video and Maps – SFA Trails Vid Trial 1

As I’ve posted before, I got my hands on a new GoPro HD Hero recently. My first “video” wasn’t much – essentially just a backyard test. I was supposed to get some real footage on Friday, but a mechanical problem halted that. So, Monday was my next opportunity, and I took advantage. I got to get some ride footage of the local trails.

First Bike Video

My GoPro HD Hero arrived today and I got to take a couple minutes of video before it got too dark. I used it on the default settings, which are for 960p HD…essentially a tall HD format. I tried out the chesty mount first because it was the easiest to set up. It is pretty clever. I have quite an assortment of mounts I can use, and I’ll be playing with a couple of them tomorrow when I hit the trails with some buddies.

MapMyRide Comments

I posted some pretty positive stuff about the MapMyFitness suite of sites on my Giant GPS Data Sharing Shootout post. I wanted to post some comments about some recent dealings with the staff over there. I had been having some intermittent trouble with their embed code that degraded into outright failure of the embed code, so I brought it to the attention of their staff. It did take me a few posts before they noticed my issue, but once they took notice, they got it fixed within a couple of days.

Superbowl Morning Ride

My plans for riding yesterday were dashed by the fact that it took the snow a lot longer to melt than I had suspected. It was only an inch or MAYBE two, but it didn’t even start to melt off until after noon. I knew the trails would be slop, so I opted to postpone my ride until this morning, and hope that the forecast for rain held off until later in the day.