Goodbye Central Line!

During my appointment with my oncologist on Thursday, he told me that I could get my central line removed.  That thing has been my constant companion since March.  I have to say, I was really happy to be getting it removed.  It was one of the 2 lumen models and it was inserted into a vein in my left chest.  It had to have a dressing placed over it (and replaced weekly) to keep it sterile.  That was quite a routine, along with changing the caps on a weekly basis.  That dressing was also water-sensitive, so I had to cover it when I bathed.  It made baths/showers such a huge PITA because I couldn’t put the cover on myself, and once the cover was on, the mobility of my left arm was restricted so much that I couldn’t adequately wash myself, so my wife had to help.  That meant I only took a shower or a bath about every other day or so.

First Hike

On Sunday, I took my first hike since recovering from AML. It couldn’t be a big hike, since I’m pretty out-of-shape, but I did as much as I could. My wife and I opted to hunt for a few geocaches while we were out, since I had a trackable geocoin in my possession for entirely too long. It needed to move along ASAP. My hike ended up being a total of about 6 miles, which included searching for a couple caches. It was a solid hike, which I noticed when I woke up this morning and my calves were incredibly sore. It’s amazing I didn’t get any muscle cramps overnight.

Can it get better?

I found out at my appointment with my oncologist last week that I don’t need anymore chemo!  I got a greatly reduced dose (2 days’ worth) for round #7, and that was it.  No round #8 for me.  I did my 7th round as an outpatient…and I got to experience real chemo side-effects for the first time.  Ugh, now I know what I was “missing”.  I think I know why I missed them, too.  When I got my chemo as an inpatient, I always got loads of fluids when I wasn’t actively receiving chemo.  This time, I got a little, but not nearly as much…and I just couldn’t drink enough to make up the difference.