Upland Island Wilderness

I’ve been planning to visit the Upland Island Wilderness for awhile.  I ordered a map from MyTopo for this area last summer and I’ve been trying to get out here since.  On the 4th, with the wife out of town, I figured I’d go hike in the Upland Island Wilderness. I wanted to see the longleaf pine savannas and the spring-fed bogs at the exposures of the Catahoula Formation and photograph some of the carnivorous plants.

The trip didn’t work out how I had hoped. The trailhead area was pretty dilapidated. Something public isn’t available, but I don’t know what.

Mountain Biking in the Angelina National Forest

I decided to take a drive today to check out some trails east of Zavalla that I’d been told about. I was told that bikes were permitted by the USFS, so I wanted to see if they were worth it.

I packed up my bike gear plus a bit of a larger first aid kit than I’d otherwise take biking to appease my wife. I made sure to include my camera and my Edge 705 to record my path. Not only did I want to check these out, but I wanted some GPS data, so other riders could know that they can ride there.

Boykin Springs Sawmill Hiking Trail

My wife and I visited the Boykin Springs Recreation Area to hike the Sawmill Hiking Trail.

The trail is only a few miles long and goes from Boykin Springs to the old Aldridge Sawmill.

There are still remnants of the old buildings left today. This was good physical therapy for me. The hike was just right to be challenging, but not too strenuous. Nice historic site to check out towards the end, too. The trail was nice, except that because of all the recent rains, it was rather muddy in spots. I can see this trail being quite nice when it’s dry.