Long Time No Post

It has indeed been awhile since my last update. I’ve been BUSY trying to get my thesis done. I really haven’t done much GPS tracking of any rides lately because I’ve just been riding when I can. And lately, that’s meant lots of commuting duty so I can keep my cycling legs under me.

The Pompetamine has been getting some miles on it lately. It’s also had some changes since I posted up my original build pics. Here’s what I’ve done to it:

Bike Lights

Just this evening I took receipt of a pair of Magicshine bike lights. These things have been around for awhile and there’s lots of discussion about them around the web. They’ve got their fans, and certainly their detractors.

I got them because I am at the point in my physical recovery that I can probably get back on the bike soon. When I can do that, I probably won’t be ready for the mountain bike yet. I still need a lot of strength and stamina. But I WILL be able to start commuting by bike again. It will help me get back into shape for mountain biking. Part of commuting is getting your bike outfitted with adequate safety gear.