Garmin Connect Brings Back Google Maps

Almost a year ago, I wrote about Garmin Connect switching to Bing maps. Well, it’s been a long time coming, but Garmin now allows users the option to choose between Bing or Google maps.

Garmin plays that up as, “This upgrade gives users more mapping options than ever before.” Really, this is how they should have implemented it from the beginning. And other services offer quite a few more maps. GMap4 and GPS Visualizer offer the most, and Garmin has much farther to go if they ever want to catch up to their competitors in this regard. Trimble Outdoors offers a decent selection of maps, also.

Garmin Connect Switches to Bing Maps

This isn’t exactly a new issue, but it’s worth noting. Garmin’s November 18th blog post mentions the latest update. The change generating the largest amount of buzz seems to be the 6th item in the list: transitioning to Bing maps. I’ll give you an idea what we’re talking about if you haven’t formed an opinion yet. Here’s an old activity of mine on Garmin Connect:

Switch between the different map views to familiarize yourself with Bing maps.

Now here’s the very same activity on Trimble Outdoors (which still uses Google Maps):