ENO Hammock Test Hang

Today’s a nice day, and I finished sewing loops in my tree huggers last night, so I did some test hanging.

I’m happy to report everything went off without a hitch. I hung the hammock from my newly built pergola. It uses 6×6 posts, and the short side is about 14′ wide. I figured doing it in a controlled setting like this would go off a bit easier than trying to find the right two trees in the woods at the back of the yard for a test hang.

I’m using a whoopie sling/tree hugger setup with a couple of SMC rings, too.

ENO Doublenest hammock

Christmas found me pretty happy this year.  After my wife got home from emergency calls, we exchanged gifts.  She got me an ENO Doublenest hammock for backpacking.  Right now, I only plan on using it for summer backpacking, but many folks figure out how to use them in the cooler seasons, too.

The hammock itself packs up pretty small.  This does not include, however, a bug net or a tarp.  These are extra parts.