Busy Summer of Rides!

It’s been quite a summer. I haven’t updated much because I’ve been working a lot and when I’ve not been working, I’ve been riding a lot.

I’ve ridden a lot at Fort Harrison State Park.

Fort Harrison State Park

I’ve ridden at Town Run Trail a few times.

Town Run Trail

Town Run Trail

I’ve done a couple of bigger rides at Brown County State Park.

Brown County State Park Heistation Point

I rode at Versailles State Park.

Holiday Activities and 2013 Fitness Goals

As with the rest of you, my holidays have been pretty busy spending time with family and friends and doing the holiday party circuit. I’m trying to avoid gaining more weight, as I already weigh more than I want to (last check at 184lb) and I think I managed to avoid that.

I tried to make time to be active over the holidays, too. The first of those was the 2012 edition of the 5k’s of Christmas, which I ran 2 winters ago also. This time it was held in Carmel’s Central Park.

Body Condition Monitoring

I got a Tanita bc-1000 scale awhile back so I could track my fitness improvements as I recover from leukemia. I started using the scale long before I began my fitness recovery so I could establish some sort of baseline from which to make comparisons.

Imagine my surprise as used the scale over time to see that I was losing weight and generally improving my body condition. As I’ve still been going through chemotherapy treatments, I haven’t been able to do any significant exercise. So all these numbers are from me more or less doing nothing.  I get the occasional walks in, beginning about 1 month after chemotherapy.