SRAM/Zipp Wheels Factory Tour

SRAM/Zipp Wheels Factory

I recently got the opportunity to take a tour of the SRAM/Zipp Wheels Factory in Indianapolis, IN. All you get is a picture of the exterior of the factory because I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement because of the proprietary materials, processes, and as-yet unreleased products I might see inside.

I gotta say it was a pretty cool opportunity. I’ve visited and worked in a number of factories over the years and this one was pretty clean by comparison. Zipp Wheel tech is pretty cool, I’ve gotta say. And these things are handmade. Laid up by hand, finished by hand, and assembled by hand. With hubs that are built in Mooresville, IN. They even assemble some of the SRAM mtb wheelsets here.

SRAM also keeps some other services at this facility. They are moving dealer support to this facility eventually (they are constructing a space for those people to work right now) from Chicago, and they keep some backstock of other SRAM products here for quick shipping. I’ll probably be purchasing some SRAM product eventually to support their local operations.

Unfortunately, since Zipp Wheels are for non-disc road bikes, I don’t think I’ll be getting a wheelset anytime soon. If they ever do decide to make a mtb wheelset, or a road wheelset with 135mm spacing and disc hubs, I might come take a look.

Backyard Cooper’s Hawk

There was a Cooper’s Hawk sitting on the back fence today being photogenic.

He was there for quite some time around lunchtime. I took more than 200 photos of him, and these wound up being the best ones. It was a difficult shooting situation being inside the house behind a screen and dirty windows. I’d have loved to sneak out the front door and come around the house to get photos of it while I was outside, but with the privacy fence and the gate being heavy, that would have scared it away for sure.

I also think I need to get a remote. I was using the full 300mm of my non-image stabilized kit zoom lens and these shots are just fuzzy enough that I think the small amount of shake from pushing the shutter button reduced image quality pretty significantly. I could probably afford a remote at this point, but I do not have enough money for a better long lens with image stabilization for wildlife. Oh, and a faster memory card might have been nice for shooting motion in RAW. Oh, the things on my want list.