Brewlog 16 August 2010, JAO

So I’m slacking off by now on my brewlog, and that’s because fermentation is slowing down. I’ve been seeing sediment continue to build on the bottom of my carboy. I doubt it’ll be terribly long before fermentation stops completely. When that happens, it’ll be time to wait for it to clarify and age for a couple months. Right now, I’m figuring I’m going to “bulk age” it right up until I decide to drink it. I think it’ll be ready to drink on my birthday in November. Mmmmm!

Brewlog 8 August 2010, Day 7, Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead

First week of brewing has come to a close, and fermentation is starting to wind down. It’s still going steadily, but decidedly less than once per second. Temperature is about 77F.

JAO 2010 Week #2

That is all. It’s just been sitting in the closet with daily checks all week.

Brewlog 2 August 2010, Day 1, Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead

I’ve had the ingredients sitting around for what seems like eons.  While in active chemotherapy treatment, I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol, and I’m sure my docs would have been extremely displeased with me playing with active yeast cultures while immunocompromised.  With those restrictions lifted, I decided to brew my first batch of post-cancer mead.  I haven’t liked any of the cheap commercial stuff available in my local liquor store, but I’ve liked all of the homebrewed recipes I’ve tasted, and I’ve tried one or two expensive meads I’ve liked.