WSS Open Source Sealant for Tubeless Bike Tires

After my experiment with inflating standard tires dry on UST rims, it was quickly obvious that I needed a sealant in order to use them tubeless.

I did some searching on homemade tire sealants and I stumbled across the WSS Open Source Sealant.

The basic recipe is as follows:

1 part Latex mold builder
1 part Slime tubeless
1 part cheap antifreeze
2 parts water

I sought to modify the recipe a little.  I am just not a fan of the extremely toxic nature of ethylene glycol, especially to pets.  The stuff is extremely sweet to them and for something that’s likely to be weeping out of the sidewalls of my tires, I don’t want the local wildlife getting a taste.

A Semi-Ghetto Tubeless Tire Conversion

I’ve been interested in trying tubeless tires on my mountain bike for a long time. I bought the Mavic CrossTrail UST Disc wheelset for my bike many years ago partly with the idea that I’d eventually try it out. I had a fairly new set of tubed tires at the time and I didn’t want to spring for $120 worth of rubber with those wheels at the time.

Well, I’ve been rocking those tires for awhile and decided to get some new tires this season. I wanted to get the Continental Mountain Kings because they looked and sounded like they’d be a good tread pattern for my local trails. I also wanted some big tires to help float over the sand.

Suspension Rebuild and New Grips

Today was maintenance day for my old 2003 Specialized Stumpy FSR. Very little of this bike is stock anymore. Basically just the frame, fork, and rear shock (and a few drivetrain bits believe it or not). Being that I’ve been sick and haven’t ridden this bike in so long, I figured it was due for some maintenance. Suspension maintenance in particular. I’ve slacked a bit, and never even changed the oil in this fork or re-lubed the seals. Nada. I was cautiously hopeful that I wouldn’t find a problem.